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Attracting Young Talent with Good Technology

May 21, 2021

By: Ari Santiago

Blog Author

Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP.


Businesses that plan to survive and thrive for years to come understand they must attract younger employees—new teammates who can contribute ideas that your tenured, traditional employees may not have previously considered.

Unfortunately, hiring the top young talent can be a challenge if your company doesn’t appeal to the right people. Technology may be the missing piece your business needs to get the attention of young skilled workers and grow your talent pipeline.

Why Tech?

The rising younger talent of today are digital natives, meaning they grew up using tech. It’s something they’re comfortable with and they expect it to be part of their lives. In fact, among Gen Z and Millennials, one in six have left a job because their employer didn’t provide the proper tech.

Besides getting the attention of younger recruits (and not losing those you have), your business will reap many other benefits with the right technology stack. Automated tasks, streamlined workflows, and better reporting all support your profit and future.

While your older employees may be worried that technology and automation could lead to the elimination of their role, young workers see it as a solution. Over 90 percent of Gen Z and Millennial employees say they’re willing to automate parts of their job.

What else could your employees do to improve your bottom line if they had fewer things to remember or do?

Technology to Appeal to Younger Workers

Workers will expect certain tech in the modern world. Set your employees—young and more mature—up for success with these technologies.

  1. Collaboration and project management tools to encourage collaboration among your team and enable them to work more productively. The Microsoft 365 environment, offered by Compass, along with its MS Teams component, provide incredible tools that streamline collaboration and projects.
  2. Sales, marketing, and customer service tools to help your team manage prospects and customers.
  3. Cloud storage and backups to support remote work, improve functionality, and keep you more resilient. CompassMSP offers cloud solutions to nearly all business needs.

How Much is Too Much Tech?

Don’t overdo it. Adopting too much tech or tech that isn’t a good fit can be damaging too.

Technology can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars; before jumping all in and purchasing the “top recommended tools,” take a step back, talk to your employees, and have a plan.

“90% of C-suite executives believe their company pays attention to people’s needs when introducing new technology, but only about half (53%) of staff say the same.”- PwC

You may think you know what your team needs to do their job more efficiently, but in reality, you may not. Your employees may know tools you haven’t heard about. They can also point out areas of weakness or inefficiency that could be bolstered with technology.

How Can Technology Help Your Business?

Contact CompassMSP when you’re ready to find the right technology solutions to help reach your business goals. After learning more about your company and goals, we’ll create a roadmap that aligns your budget with your vision. Click here to learn more about our process.

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