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CompassMSP Announces an Exciting New Brand Design and Customer Web Experience, Plus Enhanced Cybersecurity and Compliance Services, to Add to Its Powerful Managed Services Portfolio.

May 20, 2024
CompassMSP New Brand Look

Secure Path Cybersecurity and Compliance Services joins CompassMSP’s leading offerings, AutoPilot, and CoPilot, making their IT environments even more stable and secure, allowing customers to focus on their business growth.


West Hartford, CT. May 20, 2024 – CompassMSP, a leader in proactive managed IT solutions, today unveiled a new logo and web design that exemplifies its commitment to providing customers peace of mind when it comes to managing IT and cybersecurity. The new look and web site reflect the company’s leadership position and expanding footprint.

In addition, CompassMSP announces the newly named Secure Path (formerly NetGarde) --an enhanced suite of managed cybersecurity and compliance services. The CompassMSP portfolio includes its successful managed and co-managed services solutions, AutoPilot and CoPilot, along with Secure Path.

“This change in our brand reflects our unwavering commitment to our clients by delivering proactive IT solutions, industry expertise, and exceptional customer service. With our exciting new look and web

site, plus the strategic enhancement of our cybersecurity and compliance services via Secure Path, we are raising the bar again among IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Our clients can benefit from powerful and flexible choices of managed services, co-managed services, and our suite of cybersecurity and compliance services,” said CompassMSP CEO Ari Santiago.


Santiago added: “CompassMSP’s new branding is more than just a visual update; it’s a reaffirmation of our promise to keep our clients secure, efficient, and state-of-the-art. It also firmly reflects our leadership, growth, and expertise, all of which benefits our clients.”


Why is CompassMSP Changing its Look Now?

CompassMSP has been expanding, and the new look serves to further unify the company, its services, and commitment to excellence across all Together with the new website, it signifies CompassMSP’s momentum into the future.

What is Unique About Secure Path?

For customers, the requirements to keep up with cybersecurity and compliance are constantly evolving, presenting new challenges and complexity every day. Secure Path’s family of cybersecurity and compliance services come at a critical time. Businesses can get the specific type of advanced protection they need to thrive in an increasingly complicated cyber environment.

Why is This Important?

The Secure Path family of managed cybersecurity, compliance, and advisory services ensures that our clients have access to comprehensive protection and expert guidance. In sync with the new brand look, Secure Path is the new name for the family of expanded security services previously known as NetGarde.

Secure Path Expert Cybersecurity Leadership

Within a daunting array of choices, we understand the importance of advising clients so they can manage and stay ahead of IT challenges, evolving cyber threats, and compliance requirements. Our expert team provides foresight and strategic planning to navigate the complexities of cyber risk and compliance, ensuring customers’ businesses are resilient and protected against potential attacks.

Secure Path is a family of powerful services:

Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS):

  • Offers 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of networks, endpoints, and cloud environments for threats
  • Provides real-time threat detection, analysis, and response
  • Incident Response

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Services:

  • Includes strategic cybersecurity and compliance guidance and advisory services
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Security policy development and implementation

Vulnerability Management Services:

  • Delivers continuous vulnerability scanning and assessment
  • Dedicated remediation services to help meet your SLAs
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Compliance Services:

  • Expertise in compliance and regulatory gap analysis
  • Application of cybersecurity frameworks to meet specific compliance mandates

(Our valued NetGarde customers will still receive cybersecurity and compliance services found in both NetGarde and in the newly named Secure Path.)

“The entire CompassMSP team’s mission is to provide customers with the peace of mind and freedom to manage their core business and achieve growth. We are confident that Secure Path, in combination with our managed and co-managed services, offer clients a formidable array of the solutions they need to succeed now and into the future,” said CEO Santiago.


About CompassMSP

CompassMSP is your trusted partner in managed and co-managed IT services, cybersecurity, and compliance services. With our proactive approach, deep business and industry expertise, and commitment to exceptional customer service, we ensure your IT systems are secure, efficient, and up to date. CompassMSP delivers IT excellence to its customers, resulting in the peace of mind and freedom they need to focus on growing their businesses.

For more information about CompassMSP and our full set of solutions for managed, co-managed IT and cybersecurity services, please visit our website or contact our media representative.

Contact: Melody Simpson, Director of Marketing, (860) 924-7812, msimpson@compassmsp.com, https://compassmsp.com/

CompassMSP – navigate your IT journey with confidence and security.



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