CompassMSP Presents: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Make sure you and your teams understand the threats you are facing and learn the basic methods to reduce your risk.  Education is key!

This webinar is a beginner’s guide to cybersecurity – a general reminder of best practices - perfect for any computer user.  Register your whole team to brush up on their security skills and keep your organization safe. 

Join Cybersecurity Expert and Trainer, Sonya Goulet and CompassMSP Marketing Consultant, Gael Tannenbaum, for this free webinar.  

You will learn:
· What cybersecurity 'awareness' means
· The most common security threats to look out for
· Top methods to secure your work environment (passwords, multi-factor authentication, and more
· Cybersecurity best practices to keep you safe

Don’t miss this helpful information!

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