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CompassMSP Webinar: Protect - Securing Operations, Strengthening Foundations for Success

Jul 2, 2024

By: Ari Santiago

Blog Author

Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP.

CompassMSP Protect Webinar

Cyberthreats are a lot less scary when you’re well protected. Our upcoming webinar will help you get there. 

It seems simple. The best way to keep your critical data and systems as safe as possible is to make sure hackers and other bad guys can’t get to them in the first place. 

But, even in the face of escalating attack volume, many organizations still haven’t safeguarded their most valuable assets. In fact, in a recent survey by Arctic Wolf Networks, only 40% of respondents said they’d effectively secured their cloud resources. In the same survey, 48% of organizations said their systems had been attacked in the last 12 months. (And that doesn’t mean the other 52% were unscathed. It just means they didn’t notice signs of an attack.)

At our next webinar, you’ll learn how to secure your valuable business assets and build an impenetrable foundation for your business. 

Protect: Securing Operations, Strengthening Foundations for Business Success
Thursday, July 25, 1-2 PM EST

CompassMSP Protect Webinar

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This event is the third installment of our ongoing series focused on the five pillars of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0. This time, we’re going deep into the “Protect” pillar, and looking at the most effective strategies for protecting your assets and systems. 

This a great opportunity to tap into the expertise of CompassMSP CEO Ari Santiago, who will join VP of Sales Matt Tomlinson to host the event. Here’s a quick look at some of the aspects of the “Protect” pillar they’ll cover:

  • Key protection strategies and tactics specified in the NIST Framework, including access control, data security, and network segmentation.
  • Tools and processes for identifying and mitigating the specific cybersecurity risks your business faces.
  • The proactive measures you can take now to safeguard valuable assets to fuel sustainable growth.
  • Strategies for transforming your cybersecurity approach into a strategic advantage.
  • How CompassMSP is helping a current client maximize their security position in alignment with the NIST Framework.

And, we’ll go even deeper, getting into security policy, monitoring and logging, patch management, and even employee security awareness and training. Before wrapping up, Ari and Matt will take your questions.

Have you ensured that your data and other assets have the maximum level of protection from threats? If your answer is anything but a resounding “yes,” you don’t want to miss this event. 

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