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Why You Need an Annual Technology Plan

Sep 6, 2022

By: Ari Santiago

Blog Author

Ari Santiago is the CEO of CompassMSP.


The Clear Growth Benefits of an Expert Tech Plan

It’s likely that you’d find it hard to imagine running your business without a business plan. Business plans help your team stay focused on priorities and drive growth in your competitive market. These plans help align people, services, and investments. Like a business plan, your technology plan should be the road map you use as a vital part of running – and growing -- your business.

Tech Plans Lead to Customer Success

Successful businesses such as yours closely track what customers value when they make decisions, and what may affect this. Similarly, it’s important to stay on top of the value that technology brings to your company and your customers. A proactive technology plan ensures high levels of productivity and helps security breaches, or worse, downtime. “Quick fix” implementations are both ineffective and often more expensive.

A technology plan, created by an expert, helps you leverage the advantage of the right technology support to improve your business’s performance.

An annual technology plan allows you to look strategically at your IT investments. It assesses areas such as your network, hardware and software, databases, cybersecurity, and operating systems, to determine what’s working well and where improvements or changes may be needed.

The best technology plan is a result of a technology expert – a virtual CIO (vCIO) – working with you and your leadership team to align your business objectives with the right technology required to achieve them, in the near and long term.

By regularly reviewing your technology needs, a technology plan can help improve your customer satisfaction, and your team’s productivity and morale. It prepares your company for a stronger future.

What’s in a Great Tech Plan?

The key starting point: someone with the expertise to understand your business and the right technology to support its growth. The right expert (vCIO) will:

  • Capture major IT accomplishments from the past year, and how you can build on them
  • Discover pain points in your technology, including cybersecurity concerns or any current inefficiencies
  • Set goals for the upcoming year in addressing pain points
  • Match IT needs with broader company goals, such as deploying additional machines for your shop floor, improving billing systems, implementing better practice management software, or preparing for and acquiring new compliance certifications
  • Establishing a timeline and budget for implementing these changes
  • Proactively sharing overall IT trends and how they will affect your company

Deep Planning Experience

Who should create this plan for your organization?

A technology plan done well will have significant impact on and across your business. It’s important that the person who leads this effort is an expert with experience and a track record of success with many customers.

A vCIO from CompassMSP has the expertise to ensure your IT investments are optimized for growth. They will involve high-level stakeholders and encourage understanding and buy-in from all teams involved.

A CompassMSP virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) has both the IT background, and management experience necessary to create the plan that will benefit your specific business.

Growth, with Urgency. Taking the Next Step.

To learn more about how a technology plan can help your business grow, please complete the form on the side. 

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