AI-Generated Deepfakes Are Here to Stay


Artificial intelligence, coupled with high-powered and easily accessible computing power, have made it possible to create convincing videos and audio recordings using just a single image and a small audio sample. If you’ve never seen just how real these can be, check out these fake Tom Cruise videos!

This means that a single photograph of your face or a brief recording of your voice, readily available on social media or other platforms, can be manipulated to produce highly realistic and deceptive content. 

What is a Deepfake?

Imagine this: you receive a voicemail from your CFO or CEO who is urgently requesting a wire transfer of company funds or is demanding sensitive company or personal information. The voicemail is a deepfake.

The consequences of such an incident, if the bad actors are successful, could be severe and far-reaching.

As your personal data becomes more and more available through social media and other online platforms, the risks of falling victim to these malicious activities becomes more pronounced. It's essential for you and your organization to be proactive in addressing this issue now to be as prepared as possible.

What You Can Do Now to Protect Your Identity

Consider implementing the following measures:

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